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Meet Our Team

Aileen Velasquez

-Nurse Practitioner

Aileen is a Board-Certified Nurse Practitioner, boasting a Master of Science Degree in Nursing. Her impressive 19-year tenure as a Registered Nurse spans various medical realms, from Advanced Care Management and Surgical Care to Pediatric Oncology/ICU. Her educational foundation was laid at Loma Linda University, which paved the way for her to commence her nursing journey at Loma Linda Medical Center for six instrumental years. These years honed her into the adept, compassionate, and proficient Nurse Practitioner she is today. In recent times, spanning the last five years, Aileen has carved a niche in Medical Aesthetics, demonstrating mastery in injectables, a plethora of lasers, IPL, radio frequency microneedling, vitamin IV hydration, platelet-rich plasma therapy, and advanced skincare. Her diverse experiences have endowed her with impeccable organizational skills, meticulous attention to detail, and an unwavering commitment to precision in patient treatment. However, what truly distinguishes Aileen is her heartfelt dedication to her patients, always prioritizing their well-being. Rooted in empathy, her approach emphasizes patient education, understanding their concerns, and a staunch belief that aesthetic treatments should foremost ensure patient safety. Outside her professional sphere, Aileen treasures moments with her family, consisting of her husband and three children, and ardently pursues an active lifestyle. She’s also known for her penchant for engaging, competitive workouts. Guided by the core tenets of faith and family, Aileen’s Nurse Practitioner practice is a testament to these values. Her passion for enhancing natural beauty and her joy in witnessing the rejuvenated self-assurance of her patients is unparalleled.

Christy St. Marie

-Nurse Practitioner

Christy is a Board-Certified Nurse Practitioner with six years of nursing experience. As a registered nurse, she worked in medical-surgical, telemetry, dermatology, and aesthetics. Knowing that her passion was for aesthetics, she advanced her career and earned her master’s in nursing, graduating with honors. As your provider, she aims to enhance your natural beauty to help you look and feel your most authentic self utilizing facial balancing treatments and skin care. Christy believes that you will have the best possible outcomes by using a multifaceted approach. Her favorite treatments are radiofrequency microneedling and chin augmentations. Patient education and safety are her top priority, which is why she immerses herself in continued education, staying up to date on the best evidence-based practices and techniques. In her free time, Christy enjoys spending time with her husband and their 1-year-old son. 

Janell Wild

-Registered Nurse

Janell is a registered nurse that graduated from west coast university with a bachelors of science in nursing. Janell knew her passion was in aesthetics and dove right in after school. 

Prior to nursing Janell was an esthetician for over 10 years, so all things skin and beauty are her passion. Janell’s all time favorite treatments to do on patients are Potenza and a juicy lip! 

Janell is constantly researching new treatments and protocols to stay up to date with advances in a safe manner to effectively treat patients for the best outcomes! In her free time you can find her with her pup, Alice Cooper, or at a spin class.

Jolie Carmadella

Jolie, a native of Huntington Beach and a true beach aficionado, has distinguished herself in the medical aesthetics field through her adeptness in delivering state-of-the-art skincare treatments, including facials and chemical peels. Her approach is holistic, assessing each client’s unique skin condition to recommend the most effective treatments, while also emphasizing the importance of a balanced lifestyle that marries health, happiness, and harmony.

As a dedicated mother, Jolie embodies the principles of self-care and wellness, advocating for these values both professionally and personally. Her love for live music and the vibrant culture of her hometown enriches her advocacy for a life well-lived, blending her passions with her professional commitments. Jolie’s background in aesthetics, coupled with her commitment to continuous learning and development in the field, underscores her comprehensive approach to client care. Her belief in nurturing both the inner and outer self makes her a trusted and holistic medical aesthetician, dedicated to enhancing the wellbeing and beauty of her clients.


Dr. Helen Pensanti

-Medical Director

Dr Helen Pensanti MD started her career by opening a private Medical Practice right here in Orange County! While Women’s Health Care was the underlying theme of the office she saw all types of primary care cases. Dr Pensanti has always been interested in maximizing healing capabilities while feeling and looking your personal best. Within the first few years she spent extensive time researching and formulating Natural Hormones for women with PMS, Perimenopause, Menopause and Osteoporosis. Later the practice evolved into healing with peptides, IV drips, natural remedies and vitamins to become our “Birth Right Health & Weight” (ideal body composition based on our genetics, height & muscle mass). We can’t leave out mental sharpness, healthy skin and just plain feeling good! Dr Helen has worked both coasts from Maryland to California, from Primary Care to Urgent Care. In additional to being Vanity Compounds Medical Director with particular focus on our Aesthetic Treatments and Wellness options, Dr Helen still contributes primary practice hours part time. Last but certainly not least, she gave birth to two daughters and one son and they along with her grandchildren bring great joy to her life!

Jerry Faas

-Owner / MSO

He owns the place

Jennifer DiLuzio/Faas

-Practice Manager

She manages Vanity Compound

Kendal DiLuzio

-Patient Consultant

She consults with all the patients at VC